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Welcoming  NRIs and Bharat Vanshis

Parishad welcomes  NRIs and Bharat Vanshis to be  part of selfless and dedicated band of social spirited persons engaged in the regeneration of India. Several NRIs and Bharat Vanshis, who have established a mark in socio-economic field of their adopted land through years of sincere, honest and hard work have been lately coming forward to take part in the regeneration of India enthusiastically through Parishad because of this organisation’s dedication and absolutely transparent financial practices. Parishad is thus eager to expand its work among the Indians settled abroad in a big way, so that Bhartiya Achar, Bhartiya Vichar and Bhartiya Sanskar (Indian ethos, views and traditions) remain alive in their hearts and their love for the native land, whose shores they or their ancestors left a long time back, does not die down or even becomes covered with ashes of the thoughts and culture of the land of their adoption.

Setting up Parishad’s Branch Abroad

A branch of Bharat Vikas Parishad may be established in a foreign country in any specified city or town or in a specified area within a city or town. The title of the branch shall be Bharat Vikas Parishad International followed by the name of the place or the area and with the following in the bracket below:

(A Unit of Bharat Vikas Parishad, India)

Bharat Vikas Parishad International, London
(A Unit of Bharat Vikas Parishad, India)

2 (i) A branch can ordinarily be established with a minimum membership of ten families (Husband-Wife).

(ii) If the number of persons desirous of accepting membership in any specified city or town is less than ten, such persons can seek Direct Individual Membership of the Parishad by associating themselves with the Central Office of Bharat Vikas Parishad at Delhi, India.

Affiliation & Membership fee

3 (i) One time affiliation fee for any foreign branch shall be U.S. $ 100/-

(ii) Membership fee for any family of a branch shall be U.S. $ 20/- per annum (central share) + any amount to be decided by the local branch for its own activities.

(iii) Subscription for the Direct Individual Membership shall be U.S. $ 50/- per annum.

Constitution and Bye-laws

4. Foreign branches will adopt the Constitution and Bye-laws of Bharat Vikas Parishad but shall be free to make suitable modifications according to local needs: However, they will take care that the modifications do not violate guiding principles of the original constitution.


5. Foreign branches may take up programmes, which fall within the ambit of Five Sutras (maxims) of the Parishad namely Sampark (Fellowship), Sahyog (Cooperation), Sanskar (Moral Orientation), Sewa (Service) and Samarpan (Commitment).


6. Procedure for conducting the periodical meetings will be formulated by the foreign branches themselves. However, it is suggested that such meetings should start with the recitation of Gayatri Mantra, if possible.

Duties of Direct members

7. Duties of Direct members: He should involve, propagate and support the known activities of BVP in any way he finds feasible.

Recent Events


10:30 AM, Chetna Banquet Hall, 6 - Rajputpara, Rajkot. Gujarat

KESHOD branch (74th in Gujarat) Udghatan - ( Saurashtra Kutchh )

10:30 AM, Shri Lohana Mahajan Vadi, Near Sarad chowk, Keshod

MORBI branch (73rd in Gujarat) Udghatan - ( Saurashtra Kutchh )

10:30 AM, Shri Sarasvati Prathmik Vidhya Mandir, Morbi-Rajkot Highway, SakatSanala, Morbi

MAHILA SAMMELAN - ( Saurashtra Kutchh )


INVITATION - ( North Gujarat )


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